50 minutes of deep sea adventures in 3D, exploring a world of the past: war-driven memoirs of mankind’s once greatest battleships, as they eternally lie in the deep, now serving as home and shelter for the creatures of the sea. The wreck of Thistlegorm and its carriages: trucks and motorcycles now rest peacefully underneath the corals of the Red Sea. We dive into the very depth of the wreckage, exploring the small details of the once great carrier. The Red Sea wilderness: The beautiful and extraordinary sea wildlife shines in its full glory. A colorful journey, showing the habitants of the sea as nature and time takes over the man-made war machine, and transforms it into a vessel of life. We stumble upon the SS Carnatic and the Giannis D wrecks, carefully exploring the remains of the famous ships.

  51 minutes      1920 x 1080     23,98p

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