The most colorful and deepest cultural heritages of mankind root in the far east of Asia. An ever-changing and modernizing region of Indochina, where tradition lives on from the past. We stumble upon the small and uniquely exotic island of Bali, where Hinduism blends together with ancient sea gods and goddesses, still being worshipped in the hundreds of temples along the shores of the infinite ocean. Our trip continues in Angkor: We dive deep into the green heart of Cambodia, where a mysteriously vanished population left us one of the most unique world heritage: the temple complex of Angkor. Giant carved ornaments, gateways, stones and walls cradled by mother nature, whispering the secrets of the Khmer. What is left of their culture? We take a glimpse of the everyday life in the floating settlement on the Tonle Sap. Our final destination is Bangkok, an ever pulsating metropolis of modern skylines embrace the meditative sanctuaries of Buddhism. Vibrating nightlife of the Chinatown along with the hidden floating markets scattered in the maze of the city provides a kaleidoscope of senses. Magical Adventures of the East guides you through the wonders of the spirituality and glory of mankind, produced in real stereoscopic 3D for the maximum experience.

  51 minutes      1920 x 1080

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