Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, home for millions. Plus millions of tourists visit each year, setting the city among the top 6 destinations in the world. What makes this Far East city so outstanding and attractive? Is it religion? Is it multiculturalism? Perhaps it is the western hip vibe blending together with the ancient culture… Bangkok is one of the most colorful cities in the world, with a highly rich number of cultural sights ranging from the glorious Grand Palace to the crowded floating markets hidden in the depth of the city. We feel the essence of Buddhism, as we slowly guide you through the meditating monks, and burning incenses. Take a look at the inner peace of the shrines before jumping into the never stopping pulsation of the modern city. You can feel the vibe of the Chinatown, the jungle of senses in the nightlife. Bangkok. A fast and vibrating world based on the fundamentals of an ancient and deeply rooted culture.
Produced in real stereoscopic 3D.

  51 minutes      1920 x 1080      23.98p

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